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AllPlayer is a video and audio player for your computer. You can use this program to stream online videos from video hosting sites and torrents. This program also features a Radio that can stream different channels from all over the world.

AllPlayer has an easy-to-use interface that is both modern in look and intuitive. The ability to stream torrents without the need of downloading is a big plus for this software. I was able to stream movies from torrent sites such as the Piratebay without any problem. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the ability to find movies and subtitles online. You can add the websites in the software and you will be able to search and stream movies from it. In my tests, this feature worked sometimes and sometimes it failed. AllPlayer supports all the major online sources for subtitles, so finding one for your movie is a piece of cake.

This program also features a powerful online Radio. You can use it to connect to various online streams from different countries. In my tests, similar to the online video search, the Radio worked sometimes and sometimes it faced difficulty in connecting to the online stream. AllPlayer also supports Audio playback and it played every audio and video format I threw at it.

To sum up, AllPlayer is a fine software if you want to use it primarily for video and audio playback. Features such as speech synthesis still require further development and I found several glitches with the Radio and the online video finder. To help users, the developers have set up a YouTube channel that explains the different features. I will suggest AllPlayer to users who are looking for an alternative video and audio player.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Supports all video and audio formats.
  • 4K and ULTRA HD playback.
  • Downloads and adds subtitles.
  • Online Radio.
  • Stream videos from torrents.


  • Glitches in the Radio and the online video finder.
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