ALLPlayer 7.5

Multimedia file player with a lot of extra features
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ALLPlayer is a video and audio playback program that can stream videos through online video hosting websites and torrents. The software also has a built-in online radio, subtitle editor, equalizer, and a screenshot taker. I reviewed this software back in April. So, I am really excited to see what else the developer can offer.

The interface is modern and intuitive. Not much has changed here and, to be honest, there was no need for it. However, the ability to change themes would be nice. The main feature of this software is the ability to stream torrents without the need of downloading. In addition, you can also stream video content from video hosting sites such as YouTube. Last time, I faced a lot of issues with the online video player. The software was not able to stream video from torrent and video sites properly. In this version, I am happy to say that I faced no such issues.

The program also has an online Radio which offers multiple online radio streams from various countries. Last time, the Radio did not work for me at all. I was not able to connect to a single Radio stream and it kept on throwing errors. In this version, it worked, not perfectly though. Sometimes the Radio would connect and sometimes it won't at all. This area still needs some work. There is also a Subtitle editor which can customize font, color, size, and opacity. The default source for the subtitle is OpenSubtitles but you can add from others.

There is a movie editor in the software as well. Now don't get your hopes up as it is nowhere near a dedicated video editor. You can use this movie editor to add a cover to your movie/video, insert subtitles, add your nick name and a website link, and password protection. Yes, you read it right. Add a password to your video files so no one, other than you, can view them. In my test, the password protection did what it was supposed to do. Not a single video player on my computer was able to play that test video. The only way to play that video was to play it through AllPlayer and that too after typing in the password.

To sum up, ALLPlayer is an amazing program. It can play almost all video and audio formats, play video streams from torrents, integrate and add subtitles, and password protects your videos. I would recommend it as an alternative to other video players such as VLC.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Supports almost all video and audio formats
  • Plays video from torrents
  • Integrates subtitles from various sources
  • Subtitle Editor to customize subtitles
  • Movie Editor that can also encrypt videos
  • Online Radio to listen audio stream from multiple countries


  • No themes and skins
  • Online Radio is still buggy
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